What we are about

We Care of the 4 States, food pantry has had the honor and privilege to serve. We Care invites you to join us in this honored position to serve your communities (MO, KS, OK, AR). We can all be proud to be a part of this tremendous charity.

We can not do anything without the help of our volunteers thank you all.


In May 2011, when the tornado hit, and destroyed the greatest part of Joplin, MO, We Care met and went far above and beyond what we even thought was possible for the communities in need meeting the needs of thousands of individuals and families. As of present we have 8,000 individuals & families in our database. We serve an average of 50 families each week. Along with providing other churches, pantries, and homeless shelters with foods they may need to help as well. We Care of the 4 States was formed as a 501 © (3) in the year 2000.

Policy & Qualifications

In the Present

Mark 10:45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as ransom for many.

We Care was greatly challenged recently with the threat of having to move or close its doors. The donated building for We Care of the 4 States was on church property in which they made the decision to liquidate for needed funds, December 2016. Gretta Hembre, being with We Care for 16 years, found it laid upon her heart that the Lord did not want this charity to end. She prayed and fasted continually regarding the fate of We Care when the church decided to sale the property on which it was built, In December 2016, she purchased the land and the building to keep We Care, so that it can continue to serve as the Lord intended. This brings us here to evaluate our newly acquired needs. Which are: a new Board of Directors, Advisory Board and joining with churches for support in a missionary component, for us to all serve with honor and support for the financial needs of We Care

Our Future

We Care will not give up to find a way to feed the people of the four states. We look forward to helping the community to feed many families with the help of you our someone you know. We know GOD has a plan and we pray daily that we can reach more families in need. click here.